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I am still from the time when not everyone had a car, and even those who had, only used from time to time. So it was normal to have another concern, a greater care for things, and in the case of the car it was common to see them all covered with a gray cape. I read on the blog of the Sweetest Popcorn, that there were those who went to the Algarve to the beach, and they did it more than once on the same day, so that made the whole thing unbearable. Even because it was not just put and put, when taking out had to be folded meticulously, and when covering the car, had to see if it was so that it did not scratch the paint, that it really protected from all the bad weather and had it, I know I have to repeat this every time. I remember there were some who put their license plates on the cover too, but that was less common. Who had one of these?Who does not remember seeing cars with this protective cape? It was a kind of canvas, some heavier, some lighter, used to cover the whole car and thus protect it from rain, dirt and even scratches. The problem was the ritual that involved, it was not an easy thing to do, and depending on the use of the car, it became really boring and tiresome.

What is the best car cover

In doubt about the best protective car cover ? In this text let’s talk about it!If you are going to leave your car stationary for a period or if you are driving infrequently, the best way to preserve the vehicle is to leave it covered with a good cover. This care helps considerably in the maintenance of painting and bodywork.That’s because the hood allows the car to be protected from dust accumulation, other dirt, such as bird droppings and insects, for example, and weather inclement weather, in case you store the vehicle in an open place.

The types of protective covers for cars

But what is the best protective cover for cars? This doubt is common considering that in the market there are several options available of cover for vehicles.There are protective covers against ultraviolet, waterproof, permeable, reflecting sunlight, padlock presence, ventilation device and various types of materials such as fabric, neoprene, synthetic leather, TNT and plastic.The value of the cover varies according to the chosen material. It is worth mentioning that the cover should be seen as an investment to protect the vehicle’s bodywork. So, when buying, choose the one that has the best quality and cost-benefit.It is also important to consider the size of the vehicle, since there are commercially available covers in sizes P, M and G.The best cover will depend on where the car is stored and factors such as the region’s climate, storage time and so on.Next, check out the experts’ recommendations:

1.Uncovered garage storage

If you are going to store your vehicle in an uncovered area, the best option is to use waterproof covers and UV protection.Having inner lining is a differential that also helps in protection. These covers will be more expensive, but the vehicle will be better protected.Still, it is recommended to remove the cover periodically to check that there is no internal moisture.

2.Covered garage

If the vehicle will stay in a covered area, the cover does not need to be waterproof and have sun protection.In such cases, the cover may be of permeable tissue. However, care must be taken that there is no moisture formation between the vehicle and the car cover for sale online.

3.Storage in shared space

In case you leave the vehicle in a public parking lot, such as a parking garage or a rental car, the best option is the padded covers, which also protect against theft.

Carrying and removing the cover

A very important point is always to clean the vehicle before putting the cover, since if it is dusty, the dirt can end up scratching the paint.In addition to clean, the vehicle also needs to be dry, as if the cover is placed with it wet can end up staining the paint.It is also necessary to wait for the engine to cool to fit the cover, since this care avoids the formation of humidity inside the vehicle due to the cooling.It is worth noting that, regardless of the type of car cover chosen, the models with internal lining usually protect the vehicle more properly.To remove the cover, first wipe away excess dust and other substances on the cover.The cap can be washed with soap and water. However, it must be expected to dry completely before putting it back into the vehicle.If you no longer use for some time and want to keep the cover, ideally fold it from the tips to the center and keep in a clean place.Now that you know the best car cover, check the conditions under which the car will be stored before choosing the right cover to suit your needs!More than protecting the body from the car, painting is one of the most attention-grabbing items in a car. The same model can be much more beautiful or flashy only by the color (or colors, since we are reviving the wave of “skirt and blouse” ) that it sports. It is also true that opaque or brittle paint is a factor that helps to devalue a vehicle a lot at the time of resale, in addition to leaving the metal parts more exposed to corrosion. Repainting a car totally today is something that is not worth, because of the high cost and because the retouching hardly goes unnoticed in the eyes of a specialist.¬†Therefore, caring for the paint is not just a mere concern with appearance: it indicates that the current owner is careful with the car and of course means that it will be possible to negotiate it at a higher price. That’s why we have selected some simple tips that will help keep your car always shining and in a new state, from the paint to the paint on the body. Check out: Avoid excessive sun and heat Exposure to high temperatures is what most wears the paint, especially when leaving the car parked for a long time under the sun. The UV rays take away the gloss of the paint. Black or dark vehicles absorb heat more, and therefore suffer even more from the problem. The tip is obvious: always leave your car in covered parking, protected from heat and sunlight…. -Do not have a garage? Saved cover The use of a car-specific protective cover does not replace a covered garage, but it helps protect the car for short periods of time. Its prolonged use is not recommended, especially under the sun, because the cover ends up retaining the heat and functioning as a “greenhouse”, exposing the painting and the car as a whole at even higher temperatures..Wash Correctly Wash the car regularly to avoid dust accumulation due to pollution. Once a week is enough. Always use specific products for car cleaning, avoiding materials that have petroleum based solvent in their composition and abrasive products, such as laundry detergent. Also do not use kitchen detergent. For the above reasons, always try to do the service in the shade.

Take care after washing After washing, care should also be taken to dry veneer and plastic components, always in the shade and using a microfiber cloth or other specific material for this purpose. Check that there is no water and / or cleaning material remaining in the hood and door spans. These care helps to prevent the formation of blemishes, especially on the protective varnish.Use wax … The correct way After careful cleaning, the finish should be done with the application of quality automotive wax, again in the shade. The waxes usually provide protection against UV rays and form a protective, impermeable film, which also helps prevent dirt from clinging to the body. The durability of the wax depends on the product and also on the conditions of use of the vehicle – the more exposed the weather and the sun, the less protection will last. It is recommended to reapply it every three months..Be aware when it comes to fueling Ethanol, and especially gasoline and diesel, contain micro particles that can spoil the paint if it remains exposed for longer periods. When making that pass at the station, make sure the attendant did not spill fuel in the area near the mouthpiece. If this happens, ask to clean immediately with water and a clean cloth.Bird care of “titica” The situation is very common, whether it is driving in traffic or when the car is parked in an open area: when you return, the bodywork is marked with birdcalls. The famous “titica” contains corrosive substances, which can easily stain the paint. Therefore, remove dirt with car cleaners as soon as possible.Escape the risks Parking under trees will potentiate incidents such as falling fruit or branches that may scratch or damage the paint. Another not-so-welcome habit is to “glue” to the back of a truck carrying sand or gravel, for example. If possible, also avoid driving with the car in unpaved roads, because the risks of small boulders being thrown against the body are great..Avoid tar This is another very common situation: moving the car over a newly applied patch to the asphalt. Often, the material used for the repair, popularly known as tar, is not yet cured enough and can splash on the paint. Later, when hardening, the material easily adheres to the surface and then becomes difficult to remove, with risks of damaging the paint. A little automotive wax and a flannel are usually enough to remove the “stick”.

General post-rain Incredibly rainy weather helps to get your vehicle dirty, especially in heavily polluted cities such as Sao Paulo. Not only because of the pollution, but also because of the splash of dirty water from the asphalt, which may contain oil, fuel and other harmful products that will inevitably hit the vehicle. After a “foot of water”, therefore, try to give a general cleaning in the car to prevent this dirt from affecting the paint..The maintenance of the vehicle is as complicated as the purchase, and this is not only valid for the engine. The bodywork also needs a lot of care and attention. But what are the risks? There are several things that can ruin your car’s paint and do a great deal of damage, but the main ones are bird droppings, serene dawn, hail, resin from trees and spilled fuel. Some of them can be avoided, but there are others that are beyond our control. That’s why you need to stay tuned!See now our 6 tips for you to conserve your car’s paint and keep it in order for longer:

Be careful when parking

The first tip to conserve car paint is to be careful when parking. In the current situation in which we live, with cities increasingly full of cars, it is difficult to get a good job.If possible, avoid parking under trees. Although helping to escape the sun, this is a place conducive to the fall of bird feces and twigs, which can damage your painting.

Attention to supply

Many drivers instruct front-seaters to power the car beyond the tank limit. Generally, they do this to take advantage of a low price on fuel or when they will spend more time on the road and do not know when they will refuel the vehicle. However, this practice can cause great damage to the car’s paint. With the excess, the fuel can overflow and run through the bodywork.

Do not forget the covers!

The covers are great options for protecting cars against birds, heavy rain and even small branches that fall from the trees. But only in those cases! For hail or serene, the cover has no effect because it does not protect from the blows and can still cause the material to stick to the paint, which makes difficult the removal.

And watch out: do not forget the cape in the strong sun. If you do, it can “burn” the paint, causing it to lose paint.

See where you are driving

On fresh asphalt or pit-stop actions, tar is a great trap for motorists. If it sneezes on the bodywork and is not removed quickly, when trying to disintegrate it the paint may flake.

Too much exposure

Do not leave your car too long exposed to the sun as this is very harmful to the paint. Over time, white cars may turn yellow and others may fade color.

Car Paint Care Solutions

There are some basic solutions to not have damage with the painting, the main one being a good wash with water. If the car catches a serene night or has suffered several bird “attacks”, for example, throw water in the morning and remove all debris.Another important care is to always leave the vehicles in covered garages – whenever possible, of course. In the case of tar, the solution is to make a mixture of water and kerosene to reduce the effects of the substance. Some people also usually envelop the vehicle, not only to enhance the color, but also conserve the bodywork more.Is that you? How do you take care of your car painting? Have more cool tips to share? Leave your comment here on the blog and tell us!

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